Sunday, December 24, 2006

The Rudest Place On Earth?

This location in Austria has to be the rudest place on Earth. Not only that, where else can you get nine F***ing swear words on one single Google map? Literally! There is no trickery to this, just zoom out and see for yourself.

If you want to go there, the town's GPS co-ordinates are 48' 03"N 13' 51"E. Apparently the Brits have been heading over in droves and nicking the signs. I looked for the town on Google Maps after someone sent me this clipping, which I think has been making the rounds for quite a few years now. Click on the image for the full text:

Friday, September 01, 2006

Cygwin and Eclipse over X11

My MacBook HD has died. While I am awaiting its repair I've switched to my Windows XP machine. I needed to run Elcipse on a remote site where I will be running some demos next week. Shouldn't be difficult, simply run ssh into the remote Unix system, allow X11 to use the open connection and "Bob's your Uncle."

So, I installed Cygwin with X11 on XP and Eclipse on a remote Linux system. I opened the ssh connection, tested X11 with an xterm then started Eclipse but received several of the following errors
winMultiWindowXMsgProcErrorHandler -
ERROR: BadWindow (invalid Window parameter)
A few seconds later Eclipse/Java gave a fatal error and died. I tried running Firefox remotely, it had the same BadWindow errors but carried on running and worked perfectly.

After a long search on the Internet I came across CISC474, Unix Knowledge. It suggested using -Y instead of -X to start the ssh session i.e.
ssh -Y
I tried Eclipse again, same errors but this time Eclipse carried on running.

The difference between -X and -Y?
From NC State University

Trusted vs. Untrusted X11 Forwarding

Due to security concerns (highlighted by a vulnerability in using SSH with Trusted X11 Forwarding), OpenSSH (as of version 3.8) now supports both untrusted (-X) and trusted (-Y) X11 Forwarding. The difference is what level of permissions the client application has on the X-server running on the client machine. Untrusted (-X) X11 Forwarding is more secure, but unfortunatley most applications do not support running with less priviledges as of yet. So when attempting to remotely access applications, using Trusted (-Y) X11 Forwarding will have less applications problems for the near future.