Friday, August 22, 2008

Using Bazaar with other people on Unix

I have been playing with setting up a repository and branches. I have had a few problems with permissions so I have come up with the following scheme:

Make sure all potential users belong to a common group e.g. mygroup, now do:
mkdir myrepository
chgrp mygroup myrepository
chmod g+ws myrepository
For each branch you or others want to create, do:
cd myrepository
bzr init abranch
chmod -R g+w abranch
There, now everyone should be able to branch/checkout and push/commit with no permissions problems.

In case you are interested, the g+ws above, changes the repository directory to allow members of the group to change it and also makes sure that any files created within that directory is owned by the same group: mygroup. Directories created within this directory will also have the 's' bit set.

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